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Matt Damon Says 'The Bourne Legacy' Makes It Hard For Him To Re-Enter The Franchise

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Last time Matt Damon, star of the original 'Bourne' trilogy, was out doing press, he said he hadn't seen "The Bourne Legacy," this past summer's extensive reboot of the franchise that placed Jeremy Renner at the center of the action. The film upped the franchise's science-factual underpinnings by having Renner's character (part of the next generation of government-sanctioned killers) controlled by a series of drugs that would boost his reflexes and intelligence. When we spoke with Damon about the sequel/prequel yesterday, during the actor's press rounds for the upcoming "Promised Land," he did confirm that he's seen the movie but said that it might make it harder for him to re-enter the franchise. (Cinema, Matt Damon, The Bourne Legacy)

alycakes  +   844d ago
I've always thought that he wouldn't come back as much as I'd like him to.
b163o1  +   843d ago
I thought the same thing, I was under the impression that it was Americanized "JamesBond" and he would leave the series for someone else to take over, and it'll keep going like that.

I would've liked to see him do another as well
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timmyp53  +   844d ago
Renner is a great actor but I don't think he fit this movie very well. Maybe I'm just a little bias but Damon will always the best secret government project.
alycakes  +   844d ago
I totally agree. The movie was alright but it didn't meet my expectations. I was so hoping for another Jason Bourne that I guess I was a little disappointed.
Soldierone  +   844d ago
Its more or less an overall creative mistake. I mean he IS Bourne at this point, and thats what you expect. Any change to that without actually calling it a different name, won't feel right.

I think Kojima did a great job breaking away from Snake in MGS2, but even then it didn't feel right. You just played the rest of the game waiting to be Snake again. Why? Because its Metal Gear Solid, its SNAKES story.

Only way to get around that is either a reboot, or following a different story all together and making it out front clear that you are doing that.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   844d ago
I tried to watch the movie being unbiased. The movie is downright horrible. They promoted it like he had heavy action. I'm like wtf your going to do a movie about him running away to get medicine.
Jinkies  +   844d ago
I just felt like it was all forced, like they were trying to out do Bourne and were trying to push him out to make Renner look like a all new better project.

I don't think it should of been called the Bourne Legacy, the Legacy name should of been kept for a new trilogy if Damon ever came back.

He keeps saying it was hard to get the 4th film going in the first place and they couldn't come up with an idea but theres like another three books, Legacy being one of them so why don't they take the stories from the books.
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krazykombatant  +   844d ago
Because, the books differ hugely from the movies. In the books Renner character didn't exist. Well there might be someone like him. But in Legacy it wasn't at all about some new guy. Just another Assassin who seems to be nearly as good as Bourne.
Knight_Crawler  +   844d ago
Agrees...They thing that kills it for me is that Renner only has one expression and it hard for me to take him serious as an actor.

Its sad that Hollywood is running out of good actors because the old ones are getting too old and the new young ones suck major a$$.

Thank god i AM A 80'S baby and I got to enjoy the best of Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Russel Crowe, Al Pachino, Nicholas Cage, John Trovolta, Brad Pitt, Arnold, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey, John Candy, Adam Sandler, Jims Bolushi, Wesly Snips, Harisson Ford..too many to list.
seanpitt23  +   844d ago
I loved Damon but I also love Renner so it wouldn't bother me obviously Damon was the ultimate and hes hard to replace but I think Renner did I bloody good job
alycakes  +   844d ago
Renner was good and he's a good actor. I think my expectaions were just too high. I will still go see the second one that I think they still intend to make. I want to see where they take this.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   844d ago
Yeah he is a good actor i noticed him in Avengers. I just blame the screen writer for Bourne Legacy. It was really bad imo. Everything felt forced in the movie.
aviator189  +   844d ago
Damon fits the role perfectly. I loved the original trilogy and the story. The new one is alright. Nothing special.
2pacalypsenow  +   844d ago
Damon Is bourne Period!
abzdine  +   844d ago
The last film sucks so bad.. major disappointment for me
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   844d ago
This movie wasn't that great. It was very slow.
ghost04  +   844d ago
I liked Renner, after seeing him in the movie "The Town" so I guess I was hoping for his character to be more dark and more of a bad ass like he was in "The Town", I was waiting for it but it never got there...I don't blame Renner I blame the script, they needed to go all out, and over the top. All we got was a recycled motorcyle chase that was done in the Ultimatum...
timmyp53  +   844d ago
Legacy focused too much on the science of it all. It needed more suspense, drama, and action.
Consoldtobots  +   844d ago
i dont see how, Damon is the face of the Bourne series. I haven't even bothered watching the new one but would watch another Damon Bourne.
timmyp53  +   844d ago
Uhhh your last sentence makes no sense.
StarWarsFan  +   844d ago
I don't think Jeremy Renner is good enough to headline a big project like the Bourne franchise. There's just something missing with him.
nix  +   844d ago
Legacy was such a crap... i stopped watching after 45 minutes.

they should bring the Carlos (Bourne's nemesis in the book) in the next series. He can easily be one of the best villains.
seanpitt23  +   843d ago
I loved the last film I just thought it ended suddlenly
alycakes  +   843d ago
It surprised me where it ended too.
ReconHope  +   839d ago
Matt damon is jason bourne sometimes i mix the two up when talking about the actor. he's an icon of awesome
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