Marvel Studios Rumored to be Secretly Interested in Bradley Cooper For a Leading Superhero Role

The One name is becoming an even hotter commodity within the superhero movie casting community and that actor is none other than Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, Limitless). This isn't the first time Cooper has been a hot name for superhero movies as he was rumored to be in the running for Green Lantern and he is also rumored to still be in the running for The Flash.

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LeiAndLove1576d ago

Who wouldn't be interested in Bradley Cooper for a leading superhero role? Hell, he could make Aquaman badass.

DG901576d ago

Aquaman isn't Marvel.. he's a DC character.

vitorizzo1576d ago

then he can make the marvel equivalent of aquaman badass

Simon_Brezhnev1576d ago

He can always do both. LOL

He could make a good flash he got the personality for it.

I dont want to see an ant-man movie. I never liked him in anything they put him in.

Legion1575d ago

The Marvel Equivalent of Aquaman would likely be Namor... and HE is Badass... but Cooper is no Namor!

LeiAndLove1575d ago

Hence why I said "superhero" generically, seeing as my comment wasn't talking solely about Marvel.

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Legion1575d ago

See the Ant-man poster behind him? And they are looking at adapting Ant-man to the big screen... so you would just think.... Cooper fits the bill.

aDDicteD1575d ago

he would be perfect for the role of Hank Pym (Ant-man) and also could be a nice pick for Flash, either of the two. there are of course other good actors but he's among the top picks to choose from.

shotgun_ps31575d ago

I smell either Nova or Star Lord for Mr Cooper. Although Ant Man would be good as he'd make the perfect Yellowjacket.

MasterD9191571d ago

Id rather see him as Ant Man...maybe he can get in the Avengers movie...