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AnalogHype:"Cloud Atlas will most likely provoke two reactions. Either you will think (A) that the movie is an incredible, audacious, bold, and ambitious spectacle that ultimately rewards the people who dive into it. Or, you will think (B) that the movie is a pretentious, self-serious, pandering piece of crap that will fool its audience into thinking that it’s deeper than it actually is. Both schools of thought aren’t necessarily wrong."

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aviator1892060d ago

Hmm, the movie does look bold and ambitious. I'll have to check it out.

pompombrum2060d ago

After seeing the trailer this movie is going to either be really amazing or a jumbled mess. Seeing it score 9/10 is extremely promising.

darklordzor2060d ago

I loved this movie. I got to see it earlier this week, and was blown away. It's a great combination of art film and entertainment. I hope it makes a lot of money, it's one of the few films I feels deserves to.

X-Alchemist2060d ago

lucky americans...
I have to wait until march to watch this in the UK,

blue_cheese2060d ago

yeah i agree with the A or B scenario, that how i felt about Inception when i first saw the trailer for the first time. although with inception i ended up leaning toward the B answer of that film being pretentious. hope Atlas Cloud is a different story!