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Geek Binge Reviews: Frankenweenie

Geek Binge: It’s been a pretty off decade for the man who is Tim Burton. Despite his films making billions of dollars at the box office and the Hot Topic crowd worshipping his every footstep, Tim Burton hasn’t had a legitimate critical success in years. Well I really liked Sweeney Todd, that’s literally the only film I could think of his in the past 10 years that had an effect on me that wasn’t pure annoyance and hatred. It’s not that Burton is a bad director; films like Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish prove that this is a man of immense talents. But since his momentous success at the start of the millennium, I’ve felt like Burton has phoned in almost every movie he’s done. We know what to expect from Burton now, and he knows that. So he gives us his signature strangeness every time, and walks away with a million dollars. He’s practically a parody of himself at this point. But in a year in which his seemingly unstoppable box office clout has lessened with the failure of Dark Shadows, could Burton deliver a wonderful, creative film again with Frankenweenie? Well, yes and no.

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