MGS the Movie: Who Plays Who?

Sudden Brain writes:
With the recent announcement of a Metal Gear Solid movie in the works, the webs are a buzz with rumors and speculation as to who should take on the role of video game icon Solid Snake as well as the rest of the polarizing cast of characters surrounding the Shadow Moses Incident on which the film is said to be based. After much discussion, we at Suddenbrain have assembled a cast list of our own. Keep in mind that we aren’t quite delusional enough to think several of these choices are even feasible. We’re talking best case scenario here, so here’s to hoping that the movie is actually made and that they assemble a cast that even vaguely resembles the list we’ve made.

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Blacktric2097d ago

"Liquid Snake - Daniel Day Lewis"

"Roy Campbell - Kurt Russell"

"Meryl - Jessica Biel"

GTFO. Daniel Day Lewis is way too old to play Liquid and how much make up or earrings he wears won't change that. Kurt Russell is the perfect fit for Big Boss considering the similarities between him and Russell's character Snake Plissken. And Jessica Biel is way too busty and curvy to play Meryl.

Soldierone2096d ago

I think (and remember its just a personal opinion) Emma Stone would be a good fit for Meryl if she could change her acting up a little bit. She's already got the "hot redhead" image from the media and isn't really that curvy, and a good tomboyish actress.

I think if she could just step away from that innocent shy girl acting, she'd be fine.

Septic2096d ago

Steve Carell- Solid Snake

Kathy Bates- Meryl

Roy Campbell- Will Smith

Otacon- Sylvester Stallone

Perfect cast.

DeadManMcCarthy2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

liquid and solid should be played by the same actor since they're both twins.

it's hard work but it's possible.

my top choice is josh holloway.

Lord_Sloth2097d ago

This list sucks so much ass, it's no longer ass. Just a well polished, peach, blob.

spartanlemur2097d ago

No. Sam Elliott IS revolver Ocelot. I mean for one thing, google the guy and look at him. For another, look at the fact that he was born on August 9, 1944; two months after D-day. He was born for the part.

WitWolfy2096d ago

LOL how can they Daniel day Lewis for Liquid and Hugh Jackman as Solid Snake???.. Their freaking clones.. Their suppose to look the same... Idiots

DeadManMcCarthy2096d ago

agreed lol, somehow i doubt if these guys are really fans or not.

i'd actually prefer it if it didn't have liquid snake in the movie i'd much rather them adapt the first msx metal gear into a movie with big boss as the villain.

gamesmaster2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

liquid received big bosses dominant genes and solid the recessive so, in actual fact they both could look completely different.

Shadow Flare2096d ago

Except they do look identical because in MGS1, Meryl initially mistakes Solid Snake for Liquid, Revolver Ocelot says to Snake that he looks like Liquid, and in Snakes debriefing the Colonel hands Snake a photo of Liquid and says that apart from a slight difference in skin tone, they're both exact duplicates

wishingW3L2096d ago

is not just the skin tone, Liquid is blond and Snake has dark hair.

Soldierone2096d ago

I really hate all the big AAA listing for the movie. I don't want big AAA listers for the movie. I want good actors and actresses, but not overpaid people stars.

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The story is too old to be commented.