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Taken 2 Featurette Shows Off Liam Neeson’s Skills and Kills

If these new images from Taken 2 didn’t do it for you, maybe seeing Liam Neeson in action in this new featurette will. The sequel, directed by Olivier Megaton (Colombiana), puts the Mills family in the crosshairs when they vacation in Istanbul and are taken by the father of one of the kidnappers from the first film. Mills (Neeson) hasn’t lost a step and now it looks like his wife, Lenore (Famke Janssen) and his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace) are getting into the action a bit more. But Rade Šerbedžija proves to be a bit more formidable than the previous gang of faceless thugs. The film opens October 5th. Hit the jump to check out the new featurette.

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alycakes2300d ago

Another good drama action rush movie and I love watching Neeson in action anyway.

Lord_Sloth2299d ago

Agreed. I loved the 1st film and can't wait to see the sequel!

CPO2299d ago

Wonder if his kill count will be in the triple digits like the first film?

aDDicteD2299d ago

i hope he interrogates somebody here again in this sequel.

Frak2299d ago

Is Liam Nesson a muslim?

Bathyj2298d ago

Neeson is so bad assed, He should be the next Bond.