Bullet to the Head - Trailer


The first trailer for the big screen adaptation of the graphic novel Bullet to the Head, starring Sylvester Stallone.

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Crazay2131d ago

For a dude who's pushing 70 (Currently 66) he's in some amazing shape. The movie looks pretty cool too. I just hope they get to one last Rambo before it's too late.

fastNslowww2130d ago

It's called GROWTH HORMONES, i believe he still takes them in minor dosages to keep up with such demanding films, unlike his overuse with Rambo.

mafiahajeri2130d ago

Yes Exactly. Anyway in a couple of those scens I thought it was Rambo 4 0_O

alycakes2130d ago

Looks like he may have had a little nip/tuck on his face too since his first Expendables movie. The lines on his face are nice and clean and a lot smoother.

AsimLeonheart2130d ago

Man these old guys need to sit at home and play with their grandchildren.

Emme2129d ago

Indeed, first Arny, now Sly, at least Bruce does some story-based decent movies.
Sly and Arny need to do more movies like "Copland", not these "I can still show my muscles" BS.