First Plot Synopsis For The Wolverine Revealed


The official Facebook page for 20th Century Fox's next Wolverine film has been updated with an official (though brief) plot summary, giving us a better idea of the story for the anticipated "stand-alone" movie.

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Crazay2044d ago

Hope they manage to keep the unfinished version of the movie under wraps this time around.

DarkBlood2044d ago

unfinish version of the movie?

sounds like 2 versions of the same movie im guessing one being bloody violent and the other pg 13?

Crazay2043d ago

The movie was leaked in full DVD quality with many of the effects still in process or missing a solid month or so before release.

DarkBlood2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

sounds tempting but im going to wait for the actual theatre release and see everything in its entirely


just realize what movie you were referring too lol nvm

cee7732043d ago

Speak for yourself lol its dangerous goin to see movies these days

RazMaTaz01212043d ago

Nope hes on about the wolverine movie leak.

aDDicteD2041d ago

the plot looks more simple than the plot of x men origins but i hope this would be more better interpreted on the big screen. i dont know why the word "epic" was even mentioned in the synopsis..but i hope it would.