New Trailer for The Hobbit Features Martin Freeman and Ian McKellan in Glimpses of New Footage


A new trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has gone online. As it’s only subtly different from the one that was previously released, folks are referring to this one as The Hobbit 1.1. Regardless, I’ll take any new footage of Martin Freeman and Ian McKellan I can get at this point.

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edwest2243d ago

LOL, they've changed the first shot of Bilbo smoking. Now there is no smoke. Some puritanicals probably complained about second hand pipe smoke.

aviator1892243d ago

I'll have a tale or two to tell when I come back from watching this movie. It's going to be so awesome.

MinimeJer052242d ago

Bummer. Was hoping for new footage.

LordVonPS32242d ago

Although I'm not at all against the casting of Martin Freeman, I do find it a little odd. At the age of 111, Bilbo Baggins (as Ian Holm) wasn't supposed to have aged since his adventures in the Hobbit so why not just have him play Bilbo again? Has this already been discussed somewhere else?

calis2242d ago

Ian Holm is 82 years old. It's probably too much for him.

sjaakiejj2242d ago

"wasn't supposed to have aged since his adventures in the Hobbit"

That's actually incorrect. The ring never stopped the aging process, as otherwise Gollum would still look the same as when he acquired the ring. Instead, it slowed down his aging process, keeping him alive well beyond the age of the average hobbit.

How a 50 year old hobbit generally looks is open to interpretation, but since their expected life is ~100 years, I'd say that Martin Freeman looks roughly the right age, perhaps a bit younger.

Eyesoftheraven2242d ago

Why you no support 48fps YouTube!? (and 60fps for that matter).