Shortlist: Hypothetically Casting the Inevitable Batman Reboot That We Know Nothing About

TheMoviePool: It's over.  After seven years of witnessing the story of Bruce Wayne as told through the eyes of director Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight trilogy is over.  Christian Bale is done playing Batman, and the story of Nolan's Gotham City has reached its ultimate conclusion.  Right now is a time of mourning, a time to reflect upon the wonderful trilogy's impact on the cinematic world.

Okay, enough of that; let's reboot the son of a bitch.  Warner Bros. wants some more money, and Batman=Money.  So rather than wait a couple of years or so to retell the story of Batman, it's all but assured that WB is planning to reboot the series immediately (and is probably already in the planning stages as we speak).  Of course, we have no idea what WB is aiming for.  We don't know what characters will be featured, or even what tone the reboot will be going for.  But hey, that won't stop us from speculating!  So based upon no previous details or information to speak of, here's who we think should lead the cast of a film that may or may not be happening!

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darklordzor2208d ago

Keira Knightley as Poison Ivy could be very interesting. I like Fassbender and all, but I can't see him as a Bruce Wayne/Batman. I think he'd be a better villain in the Batman-verse.

Nes_Daze2208d ago

He could make a good Mr. freeze imo, he can pull off that eerie cold look.

TheCritic282208d ago

Looking back, I actually agree that he would make an awesome Mr. Freeze. He would be good at both, honestly.

darklordzor2208d ago

That's a fantastic choice for Freeze! Freeze is a skinnier type of guy anyway, and Fassbender can do the whole scientist thing pretty well too!

darklordzor2208d ago

For the JGL choice, while I like it, I hope they don't do it. Personally, if they are going to reboot it, I want a REBOOT without ties to the previous franchise. It's not that I don't love the Nolan films, it's just that I want these to be and feel different.

TheCritic282207d ago

And that's what I was arguing; it wouldn't be the same "Robin" that was in TDKR. I'm trying to forget that dumbass reveal ever happened.

darklordzor2207d ago

I thought that was kind of cool. Obviously, he's not Robin the sidekick, it's just his name. I thought that was a fun little Easter Egg and nothing more.

TheCritic282207d ago

Sadly though, you're one of the few...most took it to be an indication that he would play Robin a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises. Well I would love if he got to play Robin, I would prefer if it was in a different series entirely.