Could 'Dark Knight Rises' Win Best Picture Oscar? Yesterday, Twitter and Facebook exploded with early reviews of The Dark Knight Rises after an early screening for a few dozen lucky critics. And let's just say the response was nothing short of spectacular.

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MinimeJer052263d ago

I don't think so. I could see it getting a nom, but not winning. There's Tarantino and PT Anderson films coming out!

TheCritic282263d ago

Yeah, and Spielberg's Lincoln as well. Overall, a strong year for Oscar bait.

Lord_Sloth2263d ago

Will it? Possible. Should it? No.

wishingW3L2262d ago

how can you tell if you haven't even seen the movie yet?

Lord_Sloth2262d ago

Because I didn't care for the 1st 2.

TheCritic282263d ago

Yeah, it won't win Best Picture...but it will certainly get teh Inception/Avatar vote a.k.a the one huge blockbuster nominated for Best Picture amidst all the tiny arthouse pics.

aDDicteD2262d ago

it will certainly be nominated for two reasons; it might be the most top grossing movie this year and because it was snubbed before into contention thats why the following year oscar nominations had 10 candidates for best picture. its to early to predict the chances that it can get the top honor, since it has yet to be shown and who knows if there would be a movie that is really good coming out later this year.

Soldierone2262d ago

3rd reason, ratings. "Hey look Batman is nominated, come cheer it on to win!"

Then afterwards "Aww Batman Didn't win, go talk to your friends about it"

Soldierone2262d ago

This happens every year. Batman, Avengers, or Spider-man will be nominated, but when it comes down to it none of them have a chance AT ALL.

The people that pick the winners HATE anything good and mainstream....they always lean towards artsy smaller budget movies, and releasing during the summer as a blockbuster nearly kills you half the time. It doesn't matter how boring the film is, they always learn to those......

gaden_malak2262d ago

Don't see how Avangers or ASM gets nominated tbh.

wishingW3L2262d ago

they hate mainstream stuff but they aren't as unfair as game critics that only care about the most hyped games of the year and nothing more.