Peter Weller Doubts Robocop Reboot Will Be As Good As The Original

CBM says

At the Hero Complex Film Festival Peter Weller was asked about the upcoming Robocop reboot. A film he doubts will be able to capture the magic of the original.

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Crazay2186d ago

Peter Weller is a bit of a kook. Personally I've always considered him to be something of a "B" or even "C" actor since his role in Robocop. However, I have quite enjoyed his role in Dexter as a slimy jackass Private Investigator but I don't think there's really all that much acting going on there.

StarWarsFan2185d ago

Peter Weller is definitely a character himself.

Crazay2185d ago

Did you watch the whole video? I just finished it and he comes off as a bit of an asshole for someone with such limited success.

StarWarsFan2184d ago

Yeah, he comes off strong and superior.

deelicious2184d ago

The original was crap. So regardless of whether a remake is more well received or less, it's still going to be crap!