Tyler Perry Hunts Down A Psychotic Matthew Fox In First Trailer For Alex Cross


Earlier today we got our first look at the poster for the upcoming Rob Cohen film Alex Cross. Though the artwork itself wasn't terrible (just generic), what drew the eye was the absolutely horrible tagline, "Don't Ever Cross Alex Cross." While I'm sad to say that the same tagline has found its way into the first trailer as well, the rest of the preview surprisingly makes up for it. I didn't think I would be saying this before the end of the day, but Alex Cross is now on my radar.

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Crazay2184d ago

Matthew Perry looks like he's nailed the role of a ruthless killer but the Alex Cross movies have always felt to me more like psychological thrillers where this had more of an action/revenge sort of tone to it. Regardless, I'm going to see this movie purely for Matthew Fox's performance because I think he's got a winning performance on his hands here.

StarWarsFan2184d ago

I'm not blown away by the trailer for this.

Crazay2183d ago

I wouldn;t say I was blown away either but Matthew Fox looks like he's stealing the show.

StarWarsFan2183d ago

Yeah, I think I expected too much from this movie after seeing that original still of Matthew Fox in the fighting ring.