Bruce Willis Gets Bloodied In A Good Day To Die Hard Behind-The-Scenes Video

Back in 1995 news of another Die Hard sequel would have set the Internet ablaze. These days, though, most of us are far too busy tracking the comings and goings of Spider-Man, Batman and the Avengers to bother with average-Joe John McClane (Bruce Willis) and the latest terrorist cell he’s disrupting. But we’ll still try to keep the flame of interest burning for A Good Day to Die Hard, because, well, it’s a Die Hard sequel, for God’s sake (and Live Free or Die Hard wasn't as bad as haters make it out to be).

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alycakes2185d ago

This one might even be better than his last one and I really liked the one where his daughter was one of the characters.

StarWarsFan2183d ago

I'm a fan of this franchise, but I have to say the best villains were in Die Hard and Die Hard With A Vengeance.