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First Casting News For Supernatural ‘Paranormal Activity 4′

Bloody Disgusting

We broke the news back in January that, after hitting a home run with Paranormal Activity 3, both Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will be returning to direct Paranormal Activity 4 for Paramount Pictures. Now we’ve got another bit of news, only this one isn’t all that exciting.

21-year-old Matt Shively (pictured below; April Apocalypse) is in talks to head the relatively unknown cast, we’re exclusively being told. He would play “Alex” if cast. Paramount had no comment.

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darklordzor2156d ago

Wait...this film comes out in less than six months and they're just now doing casting. Holy crap, that's not a lot of time at all.

Crazay2156d ago

I was thinking the same thing - unless they already had filming started and are just now releasing information.

JL2156d ago

They dont need a lot of time with these movies. Filming doesnt take long and the minimalist approach probably makes post production a breeze.

Paranormal Activity 3 didnt go into production until about this same time last year.

darklordzor2156d ago

I understand that, and thought the exact same thing last year. It's still just a crazy thought for me.

Crazay2155d ago

That's true but it still feels like such a short amount of time but in my opinion they prove you don't need big budget or huge amounts of post production to make an entertaining movie.

-MD-2156d ago

This series needs to die already. 3 was terrible.

aviator1892156d ago

I thought it was enjoyable. 3rd was the worst in the franchise so far, but still fun and had good scares.