New Set Photos from Machete Kills

The Collider:
Yesterday, we reported that Charlie Sheen would be playing the President in Robert Rodriguez‘ Machete Kills (it’s funny because Charlie Sheen is sleazy). We also showed you a couple set photos, and now some more have found their way online courtesy of Jessica Alba‘s twitter feed. There’s nothing revelatory about these set photos, but it looks like everyone is having a good time on set and I’m curious to see how those dancers and musicians factor into the plot. I’m also curious to see if Machete (Danny Trejo) will be the star of his own film this time.

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alycakes2157d ago

Jessica Alba is so cute...I'm looking forward to this one. The first one was pretty good...very funny.

darklordzor2156d ago

I love these cheesy movies and so glad it's getting a sequel. However, I'd like Rodriguez to maybe get working on another Predators movie.