Brave - Brawl

A new clip from Pixar’s latest feature Brave has been released. The story centers on Princess Merida, a young girl who accidentally sets loose an evil curse when she wishes for the freedom to escape her restrictive life. This clip plays straight to the younger audience for the film, as a brawl breaks out between suitors that are trying to win the hand of Merida. Slapstick abounds and I sincerely hope this kind of humor doesn’t permeate throughout the entire film. We’ve come to expect a smarter and more nuanced type of humor from Pixar that skillfully plays to all ages of the audience, and this kind of funny business isn’t exactly striking the right chord with me. That said, there’s a lot to love in the previous Brave trailers so I’m eager to finally catch the full film.

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alycakes2137d ago

Next week I know I'm going to have me a good laugh watching this movie. It's one of those that you know will make you just laugh out loud.