First Synopses and Images for 'Hummingbird', 'Dead Man Down', and 'Blood'

The Collider:
This article offers the first synopsis and image for three movies, where the uniting theme is Avenge Death Of Innocent Female:

•Hummingbird – Afghanistan veteran and identity thief Joey Jones (Jason Statham) uses “his connections in the Chinese mob” to find the person who killed his pregnant girlfriend. Hummingbird is the feature directorial debut of Eastern Promises writer Steven Knight.
•Dead Man Down – Swedish filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev follows up The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo his original dragon-tattooed girl, Noomi Rapace. Colin Farrell plays the right hand man to an underground crime lord in New York, who must avenge the deaths of both his wife and daughter.
•Blood – Paul Bettany and Mark Strong play detectives who investigate the brutal murder of a young girl who desperately resort to “taking matters into their own hands in an attempt to coerce a confession.” Nick Murphy (The Awakening) is directing.

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