Iron Patriot is Not in ‘Iron Man 3′

Latino Review

We happened to find this out a good 2 hours after we jumped on the Iron Patriot bandwagon and reported it, but I had to sit on it and watch people endlessly report “Iron Patriot” news.

It wasn’t until we finally got a look at Don Cheadle on set that we here at Latino-Review can clear something up for you:

That armor you’ve been seeing? That’s not Iron Patriot, that’s War Machine and this is all based on a “hey that white guy must be James Badge Dale” mistake made by a photo service or a gossip site (hard to trace back).

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LivingTribunal2170d ago

Taking this with a grain of salt. War-Machines armor was never Red White and Blue and doing that in a movie would anger a lot of comic readers.

If it's true i'll rage.