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The Dark Knight Rises: The History of Bane

Den Of Geek:
James looks back at the history of Bane, the villain Batman is currently limbering up to face in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises

With his upcoming appearance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, the character of Bane completes his graduation onto the A-list of Batman villains. But who is Bane? Where did he come from? And what elements of his storied past have Team Nolan keyed into for his second big-screen bow?

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alycakes2148d ago

I was one of those that wasn't familiar with this villian until I started hearing about him when this movie started being talked about so it's interesting info.

aDDicteD2142d ago

Bane, for me is a good choice to be lead villain compared to other rumors that circulated earler like riddler, penguin, hugo strange and black mask. because bane embodies at least certain aspects of each character mentioned. i am looking forward to watch this movie in july. i am sure bane's interpretation will be excellent, i am more concerned on how catwoman will be interpreted, because the connection and chemistry between bane catwoman and batman will be a focal point if this new film can surpass or stand with the dark knight.

hilyou2142d ago

If this isn't good as I want it to be, I will be hugely disappointed! I hpe the ending is really sad but satisfying unlike other superhero movies where almost everyone lives except the bad guy.