The Bourne Legacy Trailer

A trailer has been released for The Bourne Legacy, starring new boy Jeremy Renner.

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Blacktric2211d ago

Unfortunately they kind of raped the lore by adding the "oh Aaron you have two altered chromosomes" line. The thing that made the Treadstone agents so scary was knowing that they went through unbelievable phyiscal and mental traumas to become what they are. Not by getting their chromosomes altered which sounds absolutely retarded.

krazykombatant2210d ago

Well we're all used to hollywood bastardizing franchising. The Bourne Legacy had nothing to do with this "Aaron Cross" guy. I've read up the the 3rd trilogy now, and I"m pretty sure there is still only one bourne.

gaden_malak2210d ago

Bourne wasn't the only Treadstone agent (going from memory of the books), definitely wasn't in the movie version and this one isn't based on the book at all.

I do like how they tie it into parts of the older movies.

r212211d ago

oh hey its hawkeye cept no bow.

alycakes2210d ago

I think it's going to be a lot better than people are giving it credit for.

Hufandpuf2210d ago

This trailer is SO old now.

Blacktric2210d ago

This is actually the new one. It just has some scenes from the short teaser they released a couple of months ago.

Hufandpuf2210d ago

Oh ok, that'll teach me to post without viewing. Lol

hilyou2205d ago

Can't wait. Especially with Edward Nortan being in here. This is definitely one of the two movies I'm going to watch this August along with the Expendables 2.