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10 Over-Looked Positives Of Interstellar

2d ago - WC Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, released last month to a largely positive reception, has... | Cinema

Top 10 Movies of 2014

15d ago - We have compiled a list of the best movies 2014 on the basis of user reviews. This isn’t the fina... | DVD

Interstellar: 10 Reasons It’s Nolan’s Worst Film

24d ago - The positives in the film are challenged, however, by Nolan’s biggest blatant weaknesses having g... | Culture

A Countdown of the 5 Best Space Films of All Time

25d ago - Space is no longer a new frontier in Hollywood. From the 1902 production ‘A Trip to the Moon’ to... | Cinema

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12 Things That Interstellar Got Right

26d ago - WC After a long and exciting built-up to the release of Christopher Nolan’s first flick since... | Cinema

Hollywood Huddle Episode 58: Space Library

27d ago - After a week off, we are back with a brand new episode! This one’s a big one too. Our guest Alex... | Cinema

Steph On Screen: Review - Interstellar

27d ago - Steph on Screen takes a look at Christoper Nolan's latest space epic and explains why she found i... | Cinema

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Ending of ‘Interstellar’ Scientifically

28d ago - POG Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is a blockbuster that is equal parts spectacle and sound... | Cinema

Interstellar Review - AGR

29d ago - This film crept up on me to be honest. Didn’t really know what it was (I know, bad reviewer), was... | Cinema

See Interstellar As Many Times As You Want With AMC's Unlimited Ticket

29d ago - CB: AMC Theatres and Paramount Pictures have just announced that AMC Stubs members can test-drive... | Cinema

Box Office: Dumb And Dumber To Tops Big Hero 6 And Interstellar For The Weekend

30d ago - CB: U.S. moviegoers got Dumber this weekend. The Farrelly Brothers' Dumb and Dumber To, a sequ... | Cinema

Oscars: 'Interstellar' Hopes to Avoid '2001' Awards Fate

32d ago - THR: The first reviews landed with a thud: Warning readers that the ambitious new sci-fi epic was... | Culture

5 Things Interstellar's Science Gets Right (And 5 It Doesn't)

33d ago - WC When it comes to science, Hollywood is very rarely top of the class. Explosions, inexplicab... | Cinema

Interstellar IMAX Journey Through Space Featurette Released

33d ago - CB: IMAX has released a “Journey through Space” featurette for Christopher Nolan’s latest film, I... | Cinema

10 Interstellar Script Changes That Drastically Changed The Film

33d ago - WC: Interstellar is the most obliquely Christopher Nolan movie ever made. After over a decade bui... | Cinema

8 Problems Which Prevent Interstellar From Becoming A Masterpiece

34d ago - WC So Interstellar has finally arrived and, as many probably predicted, it has divided the aud... | Cinema

An Examination and Analysis of the Philosophical Themes and Human Odyssey

34d ago - Interstellar exists within a rare breed of film. It is both breathtaking in scope and beauty whil... | Cinema

Visual-M Media: Interstellar Review

34d ago - There comes a point in every director’s career where his/her name brings with it an automatic exp... | Cinema

Interstellar: Nolan’s Conflicted Sci-Fi Vision Movie Feature on Popzara

36d ago - Christopher Nolan presents a thrilling, yet emotionally baring ride that we do not often consider... | Cinema

Deadline: Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s “Review” Of ‘Interstellar’

37d ago - Deadline: Following his much talked about critical tweets on Gravity, astrophysicist/TV personal... | Cinema

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10 Interstellar Theories That Are Totally Insane

37d ago - WC Christopher Nolan films and insane theories go together like chocolate and peanut butter. I... | Culture

Interstellar Review - ComicBook

37d ago - CB: Christopher Nolan’s newest film Interstellar aims to drop jaws. Nolan wants to present audien... | Cinema

Box Office: Big Hero 6 Beats Interstellar

37d ago - CB: Big Hero 6 was the hero at movie theaters this weekend with a $56 million debut beating out I... | Cinema

Interstellar Review | Cinelinx

37d ago - From Cinelinx: Interstellar is a thoughtful and heartfelt film whose only drawbacks come from... | Cinema

Christopher Nolan Heads Out To Space With 'Interstellar'

37d ago - Metro: Sure it's an epic science-fiction drama partially filmed using IMAX cameras, with big, swe... | Cinema
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