Trippy New Trailer For Chris Nolan's Interstellar


All right, all right, all right. Hit the jump to check out a brand new trailer for Christopher Nolan's latest film, Interstellar. It stars Matthew McConaughey ("Lincoln Lawyer"), Anne Hathaway ("The Dark Knight Rises") and Jessica Chastain ("Zero Dark Thirty").

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KingPin1598d ago

looks more interesting than gravity.
lets hope its better than gravity.

coolbeans1598d ago

I thought Gravity was a wonderful film.

KingPin1597d ago

i didnt get what all the hype was about though. the special effects were great, no doubt, but these days special effects means nothing (almost every movie can pull out that level of special effects)...the story was fairly simplistic and straightforward and predicatable....i mean there were only 3 of them in space and 2 of died in the first hour (i think) for the balance of the movie, you know no matter how impossible the scenario, she was going to make it. i mean if she died, what were they going to show for the balance of the movie.

i would say i enjoyed life of pi much more than gravity in terms of story telling and an overall movie.

dont get me wrong though, im not saying gravity was absolute junk, i just find it hard to see what was so revolutionary about it the way all the media/critics went on about it.

Hayabusa 1171597d ago

Gravity WAS a wonderful film. It's the setting and details that make it so brilliant, not the story. It didn't make space seem scary to me, if anything it made me wish I could be an astronaut.

coolbeans1597d ago

I should introduce a caveat for me since I did get the 3D theater experience.

I can understand some of the complaints. For me, it felt the most technically accomplished pure action thriller that also had some stuff under the hood. To explain:

-on a film-making level (not termed right but go with it), it was a masterclass of editing, effects, cinematography, and directing. The opening long take is still one of my recent favorites.
-while simplistic, there's still some themes and symbolism that were emotionally resonant for me
-finally, it felt nuanced in basically a "Jaws-like" fear, but of space instead of the water.

dota2champion1597d ago

seems interesting. i was a fan of christopher nolan after i saw the dark knight and inception

KingPin1597d ago

if you enjoyed inception, you'll enjoy memento as well. the prestige was also quite a good movie. not his best work but you dont feel like you wasting your time. (if that makes sense)

coolbeans1597d ago

What KingPin said. Memento's still my favorite Nolan movie.