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I think they way they use it is getting worse. It's aggressively overdone and most mainstream have no finesse because of that.

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For real!! The 3D animation is good as a second studio but they don't make epic cartoon movies anymore!

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By the time you finish this you will become the walking dead.

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Such a generic movie, people need to up their standards.

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Yes exactly, it was terrible but so much fun.

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I don't know why the fanboys get so passionate about these movies anyway. All superhero movies I've seen are always the same generic PG-13 movies where nothing meaningful happens. The only exceptions have been Logan and Deadpool, and Avengers and some others.

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He does a really good impression, but acting is more than just impressions.

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Well the original was an original, it started with zero fanbase and had to work its way up. It was definitely a weirder film that people didn't know what to do with at the end. This is a different film than the original, the story is better fleshed out and easier to follow. It is also more conclusive and doesn't rely as much on being an art piece. It could be a standalone film and still be amazing.

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I hope not.

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They're all mediocre except for Daredevil and Punisher.

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Watch it at home and save yourself the money from yet another generic mindless superhero movie. When someone says a giant blockbuster action movie like this is "loads of fun" it's because there's nothing much to say about it.

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How about both suck? When a Marvel move is bad they blame it on DC, when a DC movie is bad they blame it on Marvel. As a fan of neither I can tell you almost all superhero movies are generic and cheesy. Same recycled plotline over and over and over. Throw in jokes to keep the audience entertained, throw in some cameos for "new characters" to hype up the fanboys for the next generic spinoff.

Every now and then you come across some good ones that do it different, l...

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I loved the ending! With the kind of show it was I couldn't really think of any other ending that would be satisfying to me.

Some people wanted it to end by showing aliens doing an experiment on us......that would be stupid as hell.

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"But I'm trying to make an antiwar film,"

"This story merits to be told even if American Sniper hadn't come out,"

Doesn't sound like he's disrespecting the American side. He just hated the movie, many people did.

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As disappointing and true as all this is, we have no other choice at this point. It's quite obviously because the creator himself isn't involved in this writing. Taking a genius' work and letting someone else finish it is going to result in exactly this.

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Lol wtf i don't even watch a lot of anime but netflix had nothing to do with "saving" it. Not sure who decided it needed saving, it's always been popular globally.

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I think the transition to live action just seems unnatural to people. Any anime taken to live action seems odd, even if the actors were Japanese it would look weird to me, simply because you're never going to find people that have features like an anime character.

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The whole movie was a mistake.

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But the movies are shit and many don't enjoy watching them, that also matters.

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Fuck this one item per page bullshit. Didn't click past first page, nice one author.

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