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March Contest Details - Win an Autographed Indiana Jones Script

JL|2519d ago |Blog Post|13|

Well, Oscar season is finally over and that means a new season of movies as the build up to the summer blockbusters begins. On top of that, this will mark my first month as the Site Manager for FilmWatch. And it marks the first month of spring as well. In light of that, we here at FilmWatch, are going to keep in the spirit of the season of growth. Especially coming off our most active month in FilmWatch history (which we'd like to keep going).

For starters, we're going to bring in a new contest this month. This contest will be a referral contest. In the spirit of the season, this will be a contest that should allow FilmWatch to blossom and grow. Simply put, the person who can refer the most people to FilmWatch will be dubbed the winner. This winner will receive a $75 Fandango gift certificate that will pay for plenty trips to the theater as some big movies start rolling out this year into cinemas. I will post a separate blog post that will serve as the "tally board". Just make sure to send any member you refer to that blog and have them sign in and be sure to list you as the one that referred them. This does come with some rules however:

1. Only active members will count towards your tally. This means your referred members must remain active for the month, plus accumulate at least 15 comments for the month (comment score of 150).

2. No roommates or members of the same household will be allowed to be counted as a referral.

3. These must be new members that sign up after this contest was announced. No retro-claiming referrals.

4. Don't create multiple accounts to try to pad your score. In fact, don't try cheating in any way. I promise you: you WILL be caught. And when caught you will be disqualified from ALL FilmWatch contests. So, it's just not worth it.

Moving on, to keep the community active while these new members roll in, we'll be continuing our usual comment contest. This will be slightly different than the last couple of months, however. In order to ensure that everyone is on equal grounds (and no one is at a disadvantage due to bubble count/restrictions), this comment contest will not be based solely on quantity. Quality will also be a factor in determining the top commenting members for the month. Again: this will be determined by a combination of both quantity and quality of comments. So while more comments will help your case, having the most comments at the end of the month will not ensure you are the winner.

There will be 3 winners for this contest. The first place winner will win our big prize for the month: an authentic script from an Indiana Jones movie autographed by Indiana Jones himself - Harrison Ford! Second and third place will win a movie of their choice.

You know the drill here. Simply be the contributor with the highest news score at the end of the month and you'll be named the winner in the contest. The winner of the Contributor Contest will be awarded two movies of their choice.

So there you have it people. Lots of cool and fun prizes to kick off this new season. Good luck to everyone. And again, congratulations to all of last month's winners.

*As usual, any cheaters will be disqualified from contests.
*Also, all movie prizes are for standard DVD/BD only. No box sets, no collector's edition, etc.
*And movies prize redemption must be for movies that are already released. In other words, we can't pre-order movies for you.

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Soldierone2518d ago

I love the first place comment contest prize, i have to try extra hard to win this one!

As for referrals i post on my facebook and blog etc...all the time so im probably all outta friends if any signed up lol.

Crazay2518d ago

Nice - Good luck one and all.


Crazay2518d ago

Just so we're clear on the comments contest: I assume that you're going to keep track of daily comments that you deem to be noteworthy, interesting etc and then make a judgment in April?

JL2517d ago

Something to that effect. The comment contest winner will be determined by a mix of quantity and quality. So, someone that is plenty active, but at the same time produces qualities comments that are interesting and well-stated and even promotes discussion from other members.

Crazay2517d ago

Understood - Thanks for the clarification

doctorstrange2517d ago

Which indy script? I'm gonna try either way, but I do hope it hasnt got anything to do with crystals

JL2517d ago

No. It won't be Crystal Skull. It should be Raiders of the Lost Ark.

-MD-2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Love that 75$ gift card but I couldn't win that if I tried.

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