Blu-ray Picks for February 28- March 6

ScreenCrave - This week in DVD and Blu-ray brings one of Oscar’s biggest winners – albeit mostly in technical awards – with Martin Scorsese‘s Hugo, and Johnny English Reborn, which is best known for coming out in theaters and playing there for a while. It’s a weak week for releases, though Criterion has gifted us with one of Louis Malle’s best, and a classic from Fritz Lang. And Johnny English.

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StarWarsFan2300d ago

I liked Hugo. It seemed like a project that must have had Tim Burton being considered for the directing job.

aDDicteD2300d ago

hugo is definitely on my list

Blink_442300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I got Hugo and it was amazing! The Blu ray was so crisp and awesome looking.

I'll probably Johnny English at some point but it wasn't as nearly hilarious as th original

alycakes2300d ago

I'm going to get both myself...I haven't seen either one and I want to add them to my collection.