Top 10 Comedies Critics Hate But WVG Loves

WVG Writes: Great art often goes unappreciated. Perhaps the same can be said for comedies. Many people believe comedy is subjective, but is it really? Believing that Big Bang Theory is funnier than Arrested Development has nothing to do with subjectivity, but the inability to comprehend a clever joke.

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alycakes2515d ago

All are okay except for Ace Ventura...I'm not a Jim Carey fan.

kyungusol2514d ago

Great list! I love Clifford, Larry the scary rex he's a scary dinosaur!

Legion2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Excuse me but Big Bang Theory IS funnier than Arrested Development.

Also, Martin Short not funny. Martin Lawrence not funny. Chris Farley funny on SNL... but acing is 2 bit in movies. Breuer, he is the lest funny of the bunch... can't stand this guy that does nothing for acting or comedy!!!!

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a good movie that I don't understand why critics didn't appreciate?

LettingGo2514d ago Show
LettingGo2514d ago

Robin Hood: Men In Tights is probably Brooks' funniest film. I don't know why the critics hated it.

"Better than the first two!" - Roger Ebert (In a review of Home Alone 3)

Why do we still listen to critics?

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