The First Six Minutes Of 'Dark Knight Rises': 4 Talking Points

TheWeek - Critics praise the film's stuntwork and raise concerns over some seriously unintelligible dialogue after screening the prologue for this summer's new Batman sequel.

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aDDicteD2353d ago

im sure they will do their best to fix bane's voice ,,and one things for sure that this one's going to be epic ^_^


I saw the bootleg version on some website.Nolan needs to fix this ASAP!

gaden_malak2351d ago

A bootleg copy isn't an ideal sample for your complaints.

He's not that hard to understand.

LettingGo2351d ago

If he hasn't fixed Batman's ridiculous voice, I doubt he'll fix Bane's. I can't wait for this movie, regardless. Let's cross our fingers for subtitles.

StarWarsFan2350d ago

There were seriously points where I had no clue what Bane was saying.