Robert Rodriguez Says Machete And Sin City Sequels Are Almost Ready

Director Robert Rodriguez spoke about the Machete and Sin City sequels over the weekend, saying that they're almost ready to start shooting.

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Christopher1995d ago

Taking forever on the Sin City sequel. Not sure I care too much about a Machete sequel; think I saw all I needed in the original.

BubbleSniper1995d ago

I want more decapitation and off the wall violence. bring on machete kills again. and again and again!

outwar60101995d ago

hell yh his movies are AWESOME

-MD-1995d ago

Machete was an awesome surprise. Glad we're getting more.

alycakes1991d ago

Yeah I was surprised that I even liked Machete. It was one of those stupid movies that you can't help but like.

I'm happier that there's going to be another Sin City. That was even better.