The Five Things South Park Does Better Than Everyone Else

Vulture: South Park's 15th season begins tonight (Comedy Central, 10pm), and somehow, over more than 200 episodes, it's managed to remain a vital part of the pop landscape — and not just because it's shamelessly vulgar and reliably hilarious, though that helps. South Park also does things other shows don't or can't do.

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Megaton2785d ago

I still remember when this show started back when I was in middle school. I'm surprised it has managed to stay so funny for so long. Most shows fizzle out long before they reach 15 seasons.

ShAkKa2784d ago

I too love the way they portray celebrities but my favorite characteristic of the show is how fast they create jokes out recent time events.

Sahil2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I can tell them 100 things, South Park is above em all!

Corepred42784d ago

Hey one thing we agree on Sahil! lmao Love South Park and their very very racy jokes!

Sahil2783d ago

No.. man, real madrid is not that bad :)

chadwarden2784d ago

The number one thing this show does better than any other show is that it DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN.

Sahil2783d ago

Totally... this says it all!

sdtarm2782d ago

haha so true, everything has gone through south park

JL2783d ago

I love best how they manage to be hilarious, but at the same time they actually have intellectual "morals" to most of their episodes and "life lessons" of sorts.

ShAkKa2783d ago

See, I learned something today...

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