A New Fighter Uncaged in Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 3

Dread Central: And another new fighter makes his first appearance in the third episode of the new web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy. One who is all about lights, camera, and bloody, bloody action!

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-MD-2708d ago

Next week Mileena and Kitana? Nice.

belal2707d ago

who was that at the end? liu kang?

-MD-2707d ago

Shang Tsung most likely

ShAkKa2707d ago

Seems too young for S. Tsung but who knows maybe he's transformed.

darklordzor2707d ago

Damn! My work blocks most videos, and I just moved so internet isn't set up at the house yet....I'll have to wait until the weekend to see it! Oh well, glad to hear it's doing well though.

alycakes2707d ago

Pretty good waiting to see what happens next.

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