Nerdytits Podcast Episode 2

This week the crew discusses news from The Dark Knight Rises, the Daredevil Reboot, and that awful Wonder Woman costume.

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darklordzor2677d ago

I have to tell you, that I only really clicked on this because I love the name of this site! Oh it just cracks me up every time I see news posted from here...

Soldierone2676d ago

I was actually just coming here to post about that too lmao...very creative haha

nerdyTITS2676d ago

Yeah, thats what we were going for, haha. Basically just wanted to do the news from a nerdy girls perspective. We'll take the clicks however we can get them! Thx!

darklordzor2676d ago

@ neredyTITS

I was wondering where it actually came from! Good to know it's not just some random name to be funny, but serves a purpose. Good on you!

nerdyTITS2675d ago

no we actually have tits, and they are quite nerdy, well except for billy, he has moobs.

darklordzor2675d ago

LOL, so much class in such a response! That's all right, it's good to see a sense of humor floating about.