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The Only Reason Uwe Boll Should Make Films: For the Critics | Fresh Hell

The Fresh Hell podcast on Uwe Boll's 'masterpiece' is out. And it's brilliant.

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Crazay2729d ago

There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON this dumbass should ever be allowed to make movies EVER!

granthinds2729d ago

Eloquent. Yet, accurate.

Crazay2729d ago


I'm sorry but that guy gets me going. He's such an idiot who does nothing but make good IPs look like garbage on the big screen.

Sunny_D2728d ago

This guy is probably the biggest candidate to win the Worst Director award. I don't know any other director that trys to fail this hard at movies.

granthinds2729d ago

So true. Bubbled you up for that. You listen to the podcast yet?

Crazay2729d ago

I plan to - am @ work right now and I can't download it right now.

Crazay2729d ago

Actually - Except for Postal. I don't think Martin Scorsese could make that series look good on the big screen.

Crazay2729d ago

No Man - Postal is a brutally dumb series and the movie is equally as dumb maybe dumber. No amount of talent could ever have made Postal a good movie.

-MD-2729d ago

Martin Scorsese can make a turd look good on screen. I think he could handle a half-assed comedy series with C list actors.

Except in his case he probably would have been able to secure a couple notable actors, better funding and an entirely new project xD

Sunny_D2728d ago

Scorscese is one of the great directors that I can trust to make a movie. After Raging Bull, Departed, etc... I don't doubt this man's talent.

Soldierone2728d ago

Departed? It was a friggin awesome movie in my world. It was a little out there with the sex scenes, but still. The ending? did not expect that, was friggin awesome.

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-MD-2729d ago

This guy has never made a good movie. House of the Dead was entertaining back when I was 14 but now it's just a generic zombie movie based on a video game that's actually good. I wouldn't even put the films he has made on my resume to be honest.

Soldierone2729d ago

In simple terms, this man makes M Nigh movies look absolutely amazing. Like i said i think it can all link back to Rampage, when he was attempting to be Michal Bay. Now he just sucks.

Sunny_D2728d ago

Rofl, M Night doesn't make horrible movies. He just makes movies that fall flat at the end. That's what it seems to me in the end. You can't deny his awesome masterpiece, The Sixth Sense. Since, then he got gradually worse and worse and finally started making real bad movies.

Crazay2728d ago

I'm with Sunny on this one. M.Night is just trying far too hard to recapture what he did with the "twist" from The Sixth Sense. This is why I like the he's just an idea factory right now where he comes up with the concept and someone else runs with it. Devil was a good movie and I think this is how it should be for him going forward.

-MD-2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I would hardly call Devil a good movie. I'd say it was passable. He hasn't had a good film since signs and that was what? A decade ago? I haven't looked forward to this guy's films for years.

Sixth Sense was 12 years ago. One good movie out of 10 doesn't make you a good director/writer/producer.

Sunny_D2728d ago

If I had to choose one bad movie fro Night's catalog, it would have to The Happening. I mean really? The air is killing you or causing to kill yourself. They were running from the wind? WTF? That was soooo lame. Followed closely by Lady in the Water.

Soldierone2728d ago

@ Sunny D
Actually it was the plants polluting the air and the current was taking it to the humans. Its a really interesting idea that was poorly thought out. A similar motive could be like the nuclear power plant in AZ blowing up. The winds blow west because of the ocean near us, so it would carry the nuclear stuff to the major cities and we would be screwed.

I think The Crazies did a better job of exploiting the air thing.

@ MD
Devil was absolutely terrible. The twist was seen from a mile away. You made her look all creepy and stuff and didnt make her the nice old lady that everyone loves and trust. If he would of done that it would of been better. I also think they need to escape the elevator in that sense at some point too. Give it more tension.

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