Toxic Fandom Is Killing 'Star Wars'


Racist harassment of 'Last Jedi' star Kelly Marie Tran and the 'Solo' backlash: Lucasfilm’s problem isn’t the movies, it’s trolls who want only the nostalgia of their youth, like "old Luke Skywalker hiding on an island from everything new," writes columnist Marc Bernardin.

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2pacalypsenow181d ago

Nah Star Wars is just getting worse and fans are realizing it.

TheRealHeisenberg181d ago

Star Wars is getting worse but that does not excuse the behavior and actions of these people that choose to hide behind their keyboards. They can have their opinions but there is no need to be dicks while expressing their opinions. Freedom of speech is great and all but people are just too comfortable with saying anything.

Tiqila181d ago

You don't have a right to not be offended. If you don't like what others say about the new star wars movies (which are crap in my opinion) you better learn how to deal with it. Freedom of opinion and expression is the most valuable right we have and our ancestors fought bloody hard for it.

OmnislashVer36181d ago

Tiqila screw you. Just because you don't like something doesn't give fans to bully and spew hatespeech over movies. People like you are exactly what's wrong with this fandom.

TheRealHeisenberg181d ago


You are mistaken, I'm not offended about the movie. I don't care one bit that some people don't like the movie and make their opinions public. However, it is just plain wrong to attack the actors with racist and sexist comments. Any decent person would understand that and would object to that type of behavior. This may not matter to you until it happens to someone you care about.

It seems some are fine with harassing or allowing others to be harassed while at same time hiding behind freedom of speech.

-Foxtrot181d ago

The behaviour isn't that bad, it's just trolls being trolls which are bigged up by the media to be the "entire fanbase" so they can defend the shitty direction of the film...not to mention to defend a character like Rose.

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OmnislashVer36181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Screw you. Just because you don't like something doesn't give fans to bully and spew hatespeech over movies. People like you are exactly what's wrong with this fandom. Pedants who think they're smarter and superior for having an opinion.

AnubisG181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Typical SJW. The world does not revolve around you snowflake. All you can do is curse at people. How are you better than the so called racist fandom of SW than? There is freedom of speech and that includes hate speech. Get used to it that's the real world.

OmnislashVer36181d ago

Lmao using free speech as a defense for bullying and hatespeech. Then say "so called" racist as if you just didn't admit to it!

Then you get mad at me putting you down for your ADMITTED racism and defense of heinous comments as if I should tolerate intolerance. Get a life nerd.

AnubisG181d ago

What are you talking about? I never once said anything racist to anyone and certainly did not troll the actors of SW. You know zero about me yet you make assumptions because I don't agree with your SJW mentallity that you put on display here. Also, you did not tell me anything. This was the very first post that you addressed me with smart guy. Free speech is free speech. Like it or not. Go back to your safe space if you can't handle it.

OmnislashVer36181d ago

You JUST defended racist hatespeech and think you're slick, genius.

"There is freedom of speech and that includes hate speech."

Nice try dumbass.

AnubisG181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

So let me get this straight, because I support free speech (which does include hate speech) I defend racists?? You clearly not too bright my guy.

No I don't like racists but the only way to indentify racists is to let them say what they want so you know who is one. If you don't let people talk they will still be racists but you will not know.

Guy, you need to go back to school seriously. And again, with the name calling.... that reflects your mental state very well.

just-joe181d ago

Hate to break it to you dipshit but just because someone doesn't like the new movies or character doesn't mean it's it's hate speech or alt-right incel or what ever word you want to pull out of your ass. Keep making excuses, doesn't change the fact that Solo was a bomb and the TLJ had one of the lowest drops on it's second week and the fact the China barely had the move for a week before taking it out of theaters. The problem is with Lucasfilm and it's inability to make a good Star Wars movie and the fact that their writers, actor, and directors going out of their way to alienate fans and pull the racist/sexist card for not being good little sheep and eating and schlock that presented to them. They didn't do it with the prequels and they're not doing it with these movies.

PapaBop181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

^^^ You just said that you support freedom of speech including hate speech, isn't that technically supporting racism? I believe in freedom of speech as much as the next person but in today's society, the term is being dragged under the mud by bigots abusing people for the most stupid of things.

The Last Jedi sucked ass, they completely ruined one of the most iconic characters, shoehorned in others and made the Mary Sue character even more of a Mary Sue.. the film deserves every bit of criticism aimed at it and I hope they don't stop bad mouthing the movie nor the people responsible for it but I don't think it's fair to hurl abuse at the actors/actresses who had zero creative input on the movie.

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jeromeface181d ago

No, actually Kathleen Kennedy is, but continue...

AnubisG181d ago

Yeah. She is your kind. A SJW like yourself.

OmnislashVer36181d ago

SJW lmao is that all you know how to say? You're really mad there are other people that exist aside white males and it shows with every comment.

AnubisG181d ago

Guy, I love all people. Again, you don't know anything about me. The only people I hate are SJW's and you are one and it's clear by your speech. You use the typical left-wing SJW keywords. White male, racist and all kinds of curse words. You are angry because someone drilled it into you. If I had to guess, I would say you are around 20 years old. Don't worry, one day you'll learn.

Wagz22181d ago

...or bad script writing? The Last Jedi is the first Star Wars movie I haven't bought yet.

SpringHeeledJack181d ago

No forced liberal sjw agendas is killing star wars. Or should I say killed, the franchise is destroyed.

TheRealHeisenberg181d ago

So that's why the conservative trolls attacked her online?

OmnislashVer36181d ago

annoying gamer

It's all over the net and you know it. You've seen it over and over and being complacent you're just as bad as the harrassers.

Protagonist181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Fuck of with the anti-sjw propaganda. I swear you alt-right people should just stay away of anything called entertainment.. If it ain´t a typical white dude you people are just not satisfied..

The alt-right is ruining everything. Fuck of racists..

OmnislashVer36181d ago

Exactly, nothing but white-only supremacists. Mark Hamil said it best: they need to get a life.

SpringHeeledJack181d ago

You Fuck of with your anti white pc agenda propaganda. Go make your own films and ruin them with your hate for white males, pretending your minorities can save the world and invent advanced tech.

OmnislashVer36181d ago

"Hate for white males". This is what they got out of the movie when there was none. This is everything wrong with the Star Wars fandom.

AnubisG181d ago

One does not have to be alt-right to hate SJW's guy. 99% of the worlds populations despises SJW's. You are one of them. Just call everyone a racist and a big and you think you autowin. That does not work anymore. You SJW's are the nastiest people aroud. Just curse at everyone, that is all you people do. No substance just a whole lot of nastiness. The people who ruin things are acrually the left wing liberals.

OmnislashVer36181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Anubis Absolutely no substance to you calling someone an SJW, hate percentages you made up, or anything else. You still can't figure out you are the problem.

AnubisG181d ago

Look at your agree disagree ratio Omnislash. I'm not the problem at all just because I support hate speech. Scilencing people does no resolve anything. It just forces things underground to faster and possibly become something dangerous. You have to let people speak so you know what they think. This way you can dstermine if you want to block them out of your life or invite them in. I called you an SJW because they way you speak is typical SJW drible. I'm not the problem what so ever. I want SW to suceed and I want all the actors in SW to suceed as well. But SW is failing and not because of a few racist trolls. That is just not true. The large majority of people a nice, loving folks on this planet who does not care abput what race you are but what kind of person you are. That is what I care about as well. I don't care about your skin color or creed as long as you are nicem but you aren't a nice person but I do hope you will change. You are full of hate and that is my guys, the path to the dark side😉

So I wish you all the best in your future. Good think we have freedom of speech so I know what kind of person you are and now, I cam just block you and move on.

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meshowz181d ago

good, we don't want anymore shitty SW films.

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