Why Video Game Movies Suck


With Tomb Raider now released, Screen Rant takes a look at exactly why so many video game movies end up in disaster.

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Garethvk268d ago

As someone who was on hand for a few of them being made into films and on set to see the creative process, it is very simple. Game studios will sell the rights to the game but in many cases limit what can be done. "Wing Commander" could not use the designs of the ships, uniforms, or Kilrathi nor any storylines from the game series. "Far Cry" was allowed to use the names of the characters and an island setting, but it could not be a Tropical island and the look and names of the creatures had to be changed and no reference or part of any of the game storylines could be used. Same for many others. They suck as they are limited from what they can do. The ones that have had a bit more creative freedom have done better.

steven83r268d ago

Well i wouldn't say they suck. They only suck to those comparing them to the game under a microscope. The latest Tomb Raider was pretty good if looked at as a female lead Indy. Assassins Creed was a pretty good scifi movie. Resident Evil was a pretty good Zombie flick. People have to remember video games are 6 to 30 hours of story. A movie is condensed to 1 hr 30 or 2 hrs. As a player you develop a connection with the character you are controlling. Also games are Voice acting and CGI on the cheap compared to movies.

-Foxtrot268d ago

They don't follow the source material and make unneccesary changes

That's all there is to it really.

thorstein267d ago

WOW! I have never seen an article like this before! Did you run completely out of ideas?