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X-Files May Continue Without Scully

In an interview, X-Files creator Chris Carter has stated that The X-Files may continue without Scully, as Gillian Anderson announced her departure earlier this year.

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guywazeldatatt307d ago

This would be a shame because honestly the heart of the x-files is mulder and scully and their dynamic

emiyaxtousaka307d ago

these last two seasons have been really bad. they should just let it end.

lifeistranger307d ago

I don't like how they retconned last year's finale.

Deadpoolio306d ago

How exactly did they retcon it, when its been made perfectly clear that it was a vision that hadn't happened yet...You do know what retcon means right? Retcon would mean that it was all a dream and never happened as opposed to making it a vision that hasn't happened yet.

-Gespenst-306d ago

Yeah, but I reckon they didn't originally intend for it to be a vision. I'm fairly sure Chris Carter et al. are notorious for making it up as they go along, which is obviously not a good way to write a television show with a complicated plot. I get that circumstances can change and make it difficult to tell the story exactly how you want to tell it (or with the exact people), but you shouldn't let that stuff get in the way of art. The way I see it, Chris Carter et al. seem to be far too happy to adapt to changing circumstances. It sometimes seems like they really aren't committed to any sort of artistic vision or story. It makes the show very frustrating to watch at times.

killswitch80306d ago

it would be better off with out her..shes a terrible actress.

StarWarsFan306d ago

It would be a shame, but I would love to see more X-Files. I think this season is better than the last one. If they went ahead without Scully, it also wouldn't be the first time the show didn't have both of its iconic leads. Mulder wasn't around for a bit in the original run too.

SpringHeeledJack306d ago

You can see the passion isn't there anymore in the actors. The story lines are not as good as they use to be. covered pretty much everything over years. Maybe time to let go and end the show. Fringe was a good alternative.

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