Disturbing Scenes Left Out of Movie Adaptions writes... As we all know a lot of amazing famous movies were once novels. Some of these stories are darker than we actually think, so dark that movies had to leave out some pretty disturbing scenes. What to know what I’m talking about then check out this list of disturbing scenes left out of movie adaptions.

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meshowz341d ago

omg, wtf did I just read? some stories are indeed very disturbing... Like what the hell was the author of the Sleeping Beauty had in his twisted mind when he wrote that down!!!

Bitz341d ago

It's amazing how Disney could make such classic movies out of these disturbing stories

blackblades340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Ikr, and they basically did that to alot of them.

blackblades340d ago

Eh I read worst, even though the Disney movies were good. There movies still are wtf like the book. Like snow white living with 7 dwarfs, sleeping beauty sleeping for ever with no food and anyone or animal could do anything to her. Anyway you should read them all.