Matt Ryan Has A Message For Constantine Fans


Constantine may be dead as a TV series but the fandom is still very much alive.

The DC Comics character only saw one season in a titular role at NBC but the rallying of the fans earned him an appearance in the DC Comics universe on the CW. Still, it wasn't enough to satisfy fans hungry for more dances with the devilish necromancer. Comment sections and twitter remarks constantly cry out for more of the character played by Matt Ryan.

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SarcasticDuck631d ago

damn CW, just end that Supernatural BS that should have ended years ago and give Hellblazer a chance!

-Foxtrot631d ago

Why can't DC strike a deal with Amazon Prime and do what Marvel is doing with the Netflix shows

Surely Amazon would be glad to take on some DC goodness

I just want to see Constantine done properly. The series with Matt Ryan was alright but nothing amazing although Matt played the character so well. They need to do a 12 episode series on Prime, stick to the comics, set it in the UK, either bring Matt back or get someone with the Liverpool accent and we'll be set.

Then for Season 2 he can travel to America like he does in the comics for a brief time.

I would love to see Justice League Dark built up on Amazon Prime. Then after they could maybe do a proper live action Batman series along with Flash and the Green Arrow. Finally do those characters so justice on the small screen.

Godmars290630d ago

Possibly because the CW has most - all - of their creative TV talent?

-Foxtrot630d ago

If that's their creative talent then I feel sorry for them

CW is trash

Porcelain_Chicken629d ago

That!! ^^ Would be nice. Would also be pretty nice to inject more darkness to it. A few cigarettes here and there wouldn't hurt. I liked Matt in the role. I really did. The show started waaaay too slow. I actually believe it got much better near the end and was just getting hooked when they cancelled it! xD

-Foxtrot629d ago

It just felt like a typical American show. This is my problem though....America

No offence but why do they keep trying to Americanise UK born characters whether it's Constantine or Blade. Start the series in the UK like in the comics and THEN have them move over to the US for something story related.

But yeah really don't see why DC haven't partnered with Amazon Prime. I would love to see a series of shows which builds up to Justice League Dark. Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Raven, Swamp Thing then Justice League Dark where Madame Xanadu brings them all together with other characters like Frankenstein or Andrew Bennett

dauntingpixel630d ago

i didn;t bother watching the show when it was on because i didn't figure they were going to give it much of a chance. tooo bad really it did look pretty sweet

gustave154630d ago

Put Constantine on cable TV plz

RabbitFly630d ago

Well as much as I found Matt Ryan's perfomance quite entertaining. I really think that show deserved to die. I tried to watch it, but I found it way to formualic to the degree that every episode started boring towards the middle of the episode. I was actually glad that it got canceled so I didn't have to worry about keeping up with yet another DC show incase of crossovers.

Arrow has been going the same way for at least 2 seasons though and I find Legends of tomorrow way too cheesy. So the only show I really want to watch still is probably The Flash. I still haven't watched Supergirl, but making a show about supergirl with superman being a cameo seems just too strange to me. It does anoy me that I still haven't watched that Supergirl/Flash crossover though.