TVF | American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 10 Review: Chapter 10

On the American Horror Story Season 6 Finale, we find out what happened to Lee in the aftermath of "Chapter 9" and go back to the Roanoke land one last time. Read on!

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Aldous_Snow606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

What the f*** was that? It was bloody terrible!!! So peed off with this season. 1st half was good, second half of season I just cant put into words. Left a sour taste in my mouth. Definately the worse season. And don't get me started on that fat girl doing a poor british accent.

Nice seein Lana Banana back and the mention of Bloody face. But it was pretty pointless... And she is suppose to be 85 years old lol they could have put some effort into the makeup

Only lingering questions I have is it made clear that 3 days in hell was aired, so why did they say it wasn't in episode 6? And how was Lee sent to Briarcliff as mentioned in an earlier episode if Lana Banana had it shut down many blood moons ago???