Blame Seth Rollins or the Buckle Bomb Move?

Carl Williams writes, "Seth Rollins, the self-proclaimed “Architect of the Shield”, is quite the wrestler isn’t he? He went from one third of one of the more dominant factions in WWE history to holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and then lost it due to injury. All of that resulted in him rehabilitating and returning and jumping right back in the title run, this time for the Universal Championship, which debuted earlier this week at WWE’s Summer Slam pay per view event. The real question surrounding Seth Rollins is, could he be TOO dangerous in the ring? Spoiler alert if you have not watched the Summer Slam pay per view yet."

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SarcasticDuck637d ago

Like Steve and Larson say, he should stop doing it, it's not even a good looking move.

Btw, you guys shoul make a wrestling site (like filmwatch or n4g) instead of posting the links on Filmwatch.

ScreenGurus637d ago

That's not really our place to do it. This is the TV site and until Newsboiler clock on that Wrestling news is big business for clicks - this is the only place we can put that content.

triverse637d ago

While I would love to see a wrestling news site it would be probably only a few of us actually publishing content there. Wrestling may not be big enough for News boiler or whomever owns Filmwatch to offer an option.