The Week's News - 08/19/2016

This week for TVEnthusiast's weekly news show, The Week's News, the TCA's may have ended by flood of TV news is never ending. New TV shows in development include a biographical story of Albert Einstein, a comedy about Artificial Intelligence, a Marvel adaptation for Hulu, a TV remake of Joel Schumacher's best film, a legal drama starring a Peaky Blinders alumni, heroic returns for Jack Ryan and Perry Mason, a Breaking Bad Actor's tale of Blackmail, and the title of an anthology's second season. Meanwhile, Robert Knepper, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mallory Jansen, Wil Traval, Nick Frost, and Brittany Snow find work, as will 9 Actors who respond to Game of Thrones casting breakdowns. Also, Mr. Robot gets a 3rd season, Pivot is preparing to shut its doors, and DC comedy series Powerless loses its Showrunner.

This Week's Question: The Walking Dead had a successful game from Telltale, who also made a Game of Thrones game, now Telltale has made a mobile game for Mr. Robot. What other TV properties should Telltale make a game for?

The Week's News is TVEnthusiast's weekly roundup of the news that affects the shows you love.

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