‘The Lost Boys’ TV Series Based On Movie In Works At The CW With Rob Thomas


As the CW is preparing to bid farewell to The Vampire Diaries, the network is eyeing a successor — another vampire drama based on a well-known property from a top TV creator.

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dauntingpixel672d ago (Edited 672d ago )

sigh... just... stop hollywood

stop taking old properties with fanbases that hold these movies near and dear to their hearts and turning them into modern day retelling. stop changing origin stories .... stop changing race or sexuality just because... just stop.
get some original ideas for once.

pompombrum671d ago

Honestly the idea of doing a seven season anthology each focusing on a different decade sounds like a pretty cool idea but why not build on that and create something new instead of turning it into a Lost Boys remake? Completely unnecessary and instantly puts me off it.