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WWE Suspends Non Wrestling Female Competitor for Failing Wellness Policy

Carl Williams writes, "When you are a wrestler under contract with the WWE you would think that competing in the ring would be just part of the job. Recently, after the brand split, we have seen one particular female wrestler not actually compete yet. Unfortunately, after weeks of building up her debut since the brand split we will have to wait at least another 30 days to see her in ring debut."

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SarcasticDuck699d ago

"Non Wrestling Female Competitor". Eva Marie might not know how to wrestle but she's on the roster.

btw, since when does Filmwatch posts about wrestling news? Because Del Rio and Paige were also suspended 30 days!

triverse699d ago

I stated in the article she has not wrestled since the brand split but is on the main roster as a competitor.

I covered Paige's suspension here.

I cannot find declared proof on Rio, as in from WWE themselves or I would write it up also.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

SarcasticDuck699d ago

but she wrestled on NXT and on the main roster (even at Wrestlemania 32), so calling her "non..." is wrong.

Okay, my bad.

You can see it on Wrestlezone

You're welcome

triverse699d ago

Just saying, since the "official" break in the storyline (the brand split), she has not competed but is listed on the main roster so she is in fact a "non-competing" competitor at this time. It is semantics, depending on your point of view, where you draw the line in the storyline of WWE (is there one?) etc, she could be many things on the show.