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TVF Scream Season 2 Episode 12 Review: When a Stranger Calls

The killer was finally revealed on Scream Season 2 Episode 12, but the story didn't end there. What other surprises were in store? Read on to find out!

WTF just happened?

I was all ready to be really annoyed by how obvious the killer was, but I have to say I was not expecting a cliffhanger ending to Scream Season 2 Episode 12.

At least that was surprising, but now I'm prepared to be even more annoyed if this show isn't renewed!

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Aldous_Snow697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Cant believe I managed to get to the end of this. So painful. Season 1 was mediocre at best but season 2 was utter shite. Zero likeable characters, (that Noah nerd was just the worse) weak story, terrible acting, plot holes galore, pure cheese and sheer predictable stupidity from every angle imaginable. Clearly made on a shoe string budget. Hope it gets canned.

And that ending (LOL) saw that coming a mile off. If it doesn't get axed then the season 3 killer will be his long lost sisters, uncle, mothers cousins twice removed, transgendered step brothers abandoned pet snake who has been hiding in the sewers all this time just waiting to strike.

Why is it even called scream anyway? It has absolutely nothing to do with the movies at all. If they kept some of the character names I'd probably understand why but nope... Nothing, zilch, f all, zero connection..

Someone pass me a noose...