Steven Universe "Gem Hunt" Review - AVClub

AVClub: It would be really tough to pull off a full-on sequel to “Sworn To The Sword,” which is maybe my favorite episode of Steven Universe, period. Thankfully, “Gem Hunt” doesn’t really try, instead focusing on the new iteration of Steven, Connie, and Pearl’s group dynamic as they take Connie out on her first mission. The groundwork laid in “Sworn To The Sword” is there (Pearl quotes “Do It For Him” over their walkie-talkies), but it’s mostly in the background of a fun, propulsive outing. They’re not the only team that benefits from familiarity—Colin Howard and Jeff Liu’s second episode is an immense improvement over “Kiki‘s Pizza Delivery Service,” immensely, deftly navigating the low-key humor and sweetness that characterizes Steven-Connie episodes, the slight tension of the Gem monsters, and the off-kilter comedy of one of the best Pearl episodes in some time.

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