Vice Principals "A Trusty Steed" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In my review of last week’s series premiere of Vice Principals, I came away with one conclusion: there needs to be more chaos. That critique didn’t come from a place of wanting to see more vulgarity and chaos just for the sake of it, but rather an observation rooted in character dynamics. The premiere showed that the team/rivalry of Neal Gamby and Lee Russell was brimming with potential for off-the-wall black comedy similar to Jody Hill’s Observe And Report. Danny McBride’s Gamby is clearly hiding some inner angst and frustration, a man who’s played by the rules his whole life only to see that following the rules doesn’t mean always getting what you want. Then there’s Goggins’ Russell, a Southern Dandy who oozes charm, but is more a snake in the grass than his straight-edged counterpart. The premiere hinted at the potential collision of forces, but never really gave Gamby and Russell, and subsequently McBride and Goggins, room to explore the mess that would come from such a collision.

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