Wayward Pines "Bedtime Story" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Three-fourths of the way through “Bedtime Story,” Dr. Theo Yedlin records a message for the future generations of humanity, those who will emerge from the cryostasis pods years from now, give or take a millennia. And it’s a simple one. “David Pilcher was wrong about everything.” Yedlin wants to make a point about the ethics of taking away people’s ability to decide their own futures, to try and ensure those who survive don’t replicate the mistakes of the past. As he tells CJ earlier, everyone in Wayward Pines would have lived out the rest of their lives, dying young or old as fate saw fit. But Pilcher stole that life from all of them. He forced them into a second act in their lives, as the future of humankind. And that power shouldn’t be in anyone’s hands—the sad irony being that we’re all subjected to such unfair manipulation of our lives, right here and now. We’re not the last hope of our species’ survival, but everyone is familiar with the actions of those in power screwing with our unwritten destinies.

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