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Steven Universe "Alone At Sea" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Whew, this one is a lot. “Alone At Sea” is the densest episode of Steven Universe in a long time, flitting between lowkey humor as Steven takes a boat trip with Lapis and Greg, builds on a consistent sense of melancholy and impending dread, then introduces outright threat and the emotional complexity and grimness of an abusive relationship, all within a single episode. “Alone At Sea” doesn’t strain against its run time so much as it tries to punch through it the way Lapis punches through the S.S. Li’l Lappy. The storyboard team—composed of Hilary Florido, Kat Morris, and Rebecca Sugar herself—does a really excellent job with all of these parts, but maybe doesn’t quite nail all of the transitions, especially at the end. But let’s start with what really works.

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