First Look: Tyler Hoechlin Suits Up as Supergirl's Man of Steel

TV Insider

The Man of Steel has arrived in National City. Here's your first look at Tyler Hoechlin as Superman as he makes his Supergirl debut in Season 2. The DC Comics series leaps from CBS to The CW this fall and is sure to make an immediate impact on its new network with the arrival of the Man of Tomorrow (and his alter ego, Clark Kent).

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dauntingpixel690d ago

i'm sorry... this isn't great and i expected so much more. they should have paid tom welling to come back and suit up. this just doesn't look right to me

Porcelain_Chicken688d ago

Tom Welling is so old though! >_< This is pretty much exactly what I expected when they cast Tyler Hoechlin. I don't really like it either, especially with Cavill's Supes being right around the corner. I just hope it looks better in action.

Dasteru687d ago (Edited 687d ago )

Welling is only 39 and he could easily pass for 30. Cavill is 33 and looks atleast as old as Welling does.

Either one would be a much better option than this guy, but i would like to see Welling take the role back. He was perfect in SV.

-Foxtrot690d ago

Looks like Evil Superman

Or Superman if he had a "Demon in a Bottle" storyline like Tony Stark

Porcelain_Chicken688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Lol Demon in a bottle storyline... xD It's true! Poor Tyler lol. There's a compliment in there somewhere I'm sure.

NotEvenMyFinalForm688d ago

don't like the dude because he looks like an underwear model or something like that.