'Back to the Future' Creator Slams Marvel's 'Doctor Strange'

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Doctor Strange, Marvel's upcoming superhero movie based on The Sorcerer Supreme, has faced a lot of criticism for the handling of several characters. Many prominent figures have come out against the movie for its 'whitewashing' and gender-swapping of the Ancient One, who will be portrayed by Tilda Swinton. I sat down with Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale on Wednesday and learned his stance on the controversy. Let's just say he had no kind words for the people responsible for Doctor Strange.

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-Foxtrot772d ago

It was a film which could have brought some great Asian actors into the MCU but instead they race swapped, white washed and gender swapped characters for silly bloody reasons

The Ancient One should have been Asian and a man

Baron should have been white...if they wanted to race swap him then why a black man, why not Asian to make up for the Ancient One not being Asian.

It's like when people talk about diversity in Hollywood they just think "Oh...lets get a black guy", everyone else Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican don't exist and yet we had that whole Oscar fiasco about Black actors not being supported do you think other backgrounds feel these days in Hollywood.

Rooted_Dust772d ago

It's easy to write it all off as white washing and gender swapping when you're not the one assuming multi-million dollar risk for making a film profitable.